Equestrian Events at the 2012 Olympics: Where to Watch, When to Watch!

The teams have been picked, the horses have touched down on European soil. Final preparations are underway, and in just 19 days, equestrian competition at the 2012 Olympic Games will begin! 

Due to progress in technology, social sharing and the Internet, these Games will be more accessable than any other in history. Gone are the days of setting your alarm to 1:30 am in the hopes of catching five minutes of the equestrian broadcasts sandwiched between rowing and cycling. Gone is the inane commentary from a broadcaster who clearly doesn't know the difference between martingale and nightingale.

This is 2012. We have OnDemand, we have smartphones, we have iPads and we have cinema-quality viewing capabilities on our laptops. The Olympics know this, and are making sure we can watch our favorite sport at these Olympics anytime, anywhere.

Read on for a complete guide of the equestrian schedule and broadcasts during the 2012 Summer Olympics. Watch the equestrian events, and then check in with ProEquest for complete coverage, analysis and rider interviews, straight from London.

First step: Bookmark this thorough broadcast schedule from NBC Olympics. It tells you exactly when each round of equestrian competition will begin, both in London Time, and in your own timezone.

Second step: Have cable? Enter a few pieces of information here, and find out what channel is broadcasting the equestrian events, and when. However, don't count on this source for complete coverage of equestrian events. These broadcasts will only give you highlights in that annoying old format we've had to suffer through in years past: several sports squished into one time frame, with most of the equestrian woefully left on the cutting room floor.

Third step: Thank goodness for live streaming. You still need cable to access this feature, but it looks like the winner. Every sport will be livestreamed in real time via this link. You've got to enter your cable provider to connect, but the livestream is free of charge and won't affect your cable connection. Here's hoping that the Olympics' first ever online livestreaming goes off without a hitch. After you've connected, reference the schedule in the first step above, and viola! Complete coverage of every equestrian round! There's a promise of being able to record the broadcasts OnDemand, and capability to watch on your phone or iPad. 

Fourth step: Bookmark ProEquest News! That's right, we'll be on the ground at the London Olympics during all equestrian events. ProEquest has partnered with EQU Lifestyle Magazine this summer to bring you the best coverage and analysis of the show jumping events at the Olympic Games. 

Live in Mongolia? Don't worry, you're covered too. The International Olympic Committee has partnered with YouTube to offer 11 simultaneous live feeds for those countries where broadcast rights have not been acquired.  Go here for a complete list of the countries where YouTube streaming will be available. 

Olympic Show Jumping: ROUND BY ROUND:

Date | London Time | Round

August 4 | 10:30 AM | Individual and Team Jumping Qualification

August 5 | 11:00 AM | Individual Jumping – Second Qualifier & Team Final Round 1

August 6 | 2:00 PM | Individual Jumping – Third Qualifier & Team Final Round 2 – Team Medal Round

August 8 | 12:00 PM | Individual Jumping – Final Round A

August 8 | 2:45pm | Individual Round – Final Round B – Individual Medal Round