Isaac Pushes Wellington Into the Deep End

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why Florida's world renowned equestrian circuit has an off season. Don't worry, everything is still standing, and our equestrian playground will surely dry out once this storm passes. But after 14 inches of rain in the last two days, the winter equestrian capital of the world is quite literally swimming underwater at the moment. I took a rather risky drive around Wellington this afternoon, in between thunderstorms that still haven't stopped as I write this. Most of the canals are over their banks and roads that you know well from your winter season travels are closed off because the canals next to them have overflowed and are still rising. Lucikly there have been no sightings of swimming horses as of yet. However the children of Wellington are roaming the streets in their swim trunks, gleefully wading through water up to four feet high in some places. Shouldn't they be worried about alligators cresting the banks? It was frightening enough driving white knuckled across the "roads" that were deep enough to sail a boat on. 

But I digress. If this is what a slap from Isaac looks like, I'm afraid of what a direct hit to Louisiana will do to that area. Best of luck to the people and animals preparing for Hurricane Isaac. . . . for now I'm going to be watching the water rise around here:

The front entrance at WEF


Golf cart road from Pony Island to the hunter rings


Grand Hunter ring


The International Arena is still one of the more rideable surfaces in town, even half underwater!


Forging the river down the main driveway out of PBIEC


The canal along Pierson Rd.


As close as I dared get to Greenbriar and Appaloosa Trail


No caballos aqui...


School was canceled, creating a prime opportunity to go boogie boarding down Aero Club Rd.


Not everyone made it across Greenview Shores Blvd. Have I mentioned how much I love my Ford truck? I love my Ford truck.  So, so very much. 


Wellington Trace and Greenview Shores


And finally, home sweet home at the Palm Beach Polo and Country Club. 


It's a good day to be a duck.... and not much else.