Renee Spurge Discusses Iago Apparel

The Entrepreneurial Italian Company Produces Top Quality Show Breeches, Shirts, Coats and Accessories

A quick lesson on how the Equestrian retail industry has evolved over the last few decades. Back in the day you had a handful of tried and true brands that all the hunter/jumpers sported at the show. Some of these brands have advanced with the sport and are still staples of our wardrobe today. The Tailored Sportsman, Grand Prix, and Pikeur to name a few. However, with big box stores and mega online superstores trying to take over the world, small retailers like myself, are constantly looking to reinvent our inventory and stay relevant by introducing new brands, specializing in our own aesthetics, and starting our own exciting trends in equestrian fashion instead of simply following them.

Competition is fierce among the mobile vendors to get their hands on the "new," and budding designers and manufacturers face the challenge of innovating without too much plagiarizing of existing popular brands.

Iago show jacket

Through our good friends at eQucik in Italy, last fall we were introduced to an up-and-coming entrepreneurial company whose core aesthetic is perfecting the basic elements of riding and show apparel.  The lovely folks at Iago are dedicated to creating quality equestrian apparel at the hands of their own local designers and manufacturers.

At first look, the breeches are remarkably similar to another well-known Italian brand, however the cut, fabric, and fit are uniquely their own.  This is also true for their simple and sophisticatedly sporty show shirts.  The shirts have a laundry list of special features, including UV protection which is a must have living in our globally warmed California. It is also noteworthy to mention that the stitching, grip technology, and zippers are far superior to many of the other competitive brands.

Both the Iago breeches and show shirts will literally shape to your body, regardless of your shape. Meaning they are fitted. And by fitted I mean tight. But in a good way. In, I feel all parts of me are securely in the right place, and I might be able to go down a size in my boots and show coat.  But let me tell you, they are supremely comfortable to ride in, extremely easy to care for, and have held the test of time to my repeated abuse.

Iago show shirt and breeches

The other awesome quality about working with a young and driven company, is they are open to ideas and changes, especially when it comes to meeting the needs of the high maintenance US Hunter/Equitation market. For example, the Iago show coat, which is a super lightweight and stretchy cut that still manages to hide the ugly, was a little short for our ladies.

The Iago show coat that you will see on an equitation rider at the upcoming Huntington Beach show, is dramatically longer then the one you will find on a jumper in Milan. They were able to specially cut a coat per my requests and it is downright fabulous.

Iago show shirt and breeches

This fall we will have some stunning color combinations available in the show coat, as well as new colors in breeches, and even a little bling. Because even basic doesn't have to be boring!

Iago belt

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