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If you like uphill and flashy, you will love Bosco! Although he’s very much a gelding, he reads to the eye like a little stallion, with his presence and build. This Oldenburg/Arab sport horse is 15.3hh, but rides bigger. Can make the strides, big-barreled, and super, SUPER fun for the right intermediate and above rider. Great choice for any or all of the 3 rings for a tenacious teen or smaller adult who needs a competitive and loveable horse on a budget. Plenty of show miles in hunter/jumper/eq, and combined training experience too. Has the quality of movement for straight dressage. Took his teenage owner from the 2’0 to the 3’0 hunter/eq, and up to the 1.0m jumpers. Bosco has plenty of scope and confidence, but would probably be best settled into a 2’3 – 2’9 and/or 0.70m-0.90m job, in order to maintain his longevity in the sport. Can certainly jump up here and there, though, if you want/need him to. He loves it! Very brave, never stops, will jump from anywhere if he needs to, and has a knack for smoothing out a long or short distance, visually minimizing rider error. Beautiful, flicky-toed, uphill mover, and super comfy canter and jump. Sound mover and easy keeper, good ground and crosstie manners. Good for vet, farrier, etc. For a teenage sport horse, he requires only minimal and occasional maintenance. Bosco is registered, and is eligible to compete in the Half-Arabian shows/classes, as well as USEF.

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For sale
$10,000 - $20,000



Simi Valley, CA 93065
United States

0.75m - 1.00m
2'6" - 2'9"
Beginner Novice: 2'7"
1st Level
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