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GP Stetson


Introducing GP Stetson (barn name FANCY), an 8-year-old Arabian gelding



➼Reliable and level-headed trail horse

➼Exceptional temperament

➼2017 Region 12 Champion Two-Year-Old

➼Rich Egyptian and Polish heritage, featuring renowned bloodlines such as Padron and Ali Jamaal

➼Psyantium's grandson

➼Multiple siblings successful in halter and under-saddle work

➼Well-traveled to Otter Creek and local trails, consistent demeanor in all settings

➼Friendly, cheerful personality, loved by all who meet him

➼Comfortable riding solo or in a group

➼Experience in veterans, natural horsemanship, and kids' training programs

➼Low maintenance: barefoot, easy keeper, and lives outdoors 24/7 with a herd on grass pasture and hay

➼Impressive athletic potential, enjoys arena work and showcases abundant talent

➼Stands at an impressive 16.3 hands high

➼Located in Lockport, NY

He's gone through several months of dressage training at our good friends Monaco Dressage Training Center LLC and would make a FANTASTIC dressage mount for anyone who wants to take him in that direction. This boy is the real deal. Calm, level-headed, and like his name says...FANCY.

Please note, his height is accurately measured at 16.3 hands high.

Take this boy on the trail, into the equitation arena, or back out in amateur halter, he'd be good at almost anything you want to throw at him!

Our signature ranch horses come with foundation training, including:

Free lunging and joining up

Lunging on a line in both directions

Ground driving with a saddle

Desensitization to children, vehicles, dogs, trail distractions, and unexpected objects

Standing tied patiently and quietly

Loading and trailering calmly

Stopping on command

Riding in both a rope halter and a bit

Accepting clipping, bathing, farrier care, and basic veterinary attention

We offer trials in a lesson format for serious inquiries only. To arrange a viewing, please TEXT (716) 946-5852 or send a message to the Mangold Ranch Versatility page.

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$20,000 - $35,000



4870 upper mountain road
Lockport, NY 14094
United States

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ZT Marwteyn


Ma Sonata

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