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Libby jumping at Sonoma



Liebchen (Libby) is a 10 year old Belgian Warmblood mare suitable for jumpers and/or eventing.

Libby has competed in the open and AA 1.10m, 1.20m in both Northern California and Southern California. She has not done any cross country, but is eager to please and quick to learn.

She has great flatwork with easy transitions and perfect lead changes. Very comfortable trot and canter. Easily does lateral movements, shoulder in, haunches in, etc.

Over the fences, Libby is very brave and forgiving. She will jump anything you put in front of her and from any distance. She has never stopped at a fence. She does not spook, buck or rear, making her very safe and a great confidence building horse.

Libby is the same at shows at she is at home. Libby stands quietly for the farrier, on the trailer, and tied. No vices, no maintenance, and a very easy keeper. She goes in a happy mouth bit.

Please see the videos below of Libby jumping and flatting.

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For sale
$35,000 - $50,000



Menlo Park, CA
United States

1.15m - 1.30m
Novice: 2'11"
Belgian Warmblood



Isar II (Cellina)

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