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Parkmore Delight Z


With international experience including 1.50m and open water, Parkmore Delight Z (Parker) was imported 3 years ago for his Adult Amateur owner to move up from the Child Adult to the Jr/AO jumpers. Parker is a big sweetheart who has the scope, forgiving attitude, ride-ability, and speed to guide a rider up the ranks. After several years out of the riding world because of her job, Parker helped guide his owner to multiple wins in the low jr/ao jumpers and open jumper classes at rated shows in Atlanta and Charleston as well as a ribbon in the "Dash for Cash" class against a competitive field. Parker has all the parts for a perfect high child/adult or low junior amateur jumper but also the looks, flatwork, and comfortable jump to be a perfect Eq match for a junior. Parker is truly a special horse and due to his owners inability to show a lot with her work schedule and upcoming wedding planning we are hoping to find Parker a new home that will allow for him to continue to shine.

Aldatus Z out of a Cruising dam.

Many more videos available, upon request!

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For sale
$20,000 - $35,000



172 Civitas Street
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
United States

1.00m - 1.15m
3'6" - 3'9"
Irish Sport Horse
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