About ProEquest

ProEquest is the marketplace for the highest quality selection of hunter jumper sales horses in the equestrian world, listed exclusively by professionals. Find the best behind-the-scenes show jumping news and coverage on ProEquest.

  • Connect professional equestrians worldwide
  • Provide the most powerful marketing and horse search tool available
  • Be the highest quality database of professionals in the hunter jumper industry
  • Be the go-to source for timely and relevant industry news
  • Simply provide the best way to connect in the equestrian industry

What is ProEquest?

A powerful horse marketing and search tool, ProEquest is the largest community made for professionals, by professionals.

A powerful horse marketing and search tool, ProEquest is a single, easy to use members-only site that helps you find everything from your perfect horse to the latest news that matters to you.

ProEquest eliminates irrelevant sale horse posts from unproven sources, the need to sift through endless listings, and the tedious process of spreading the word about your horses and services one person at a time.

Until ProEquest, an effective networking tool that connects equestrian professionals worldwide just hadn’t existed.

How does it work?

ProEquest professional members receive full access to ProEquest.com. Only members can post horses for sale, creating the best sale horse database available worldwide.

However, anyone can view horses, search ProEquest by region, trainer or horse, read the latest in show jumping news, and interact with the powerful ProEquest social media community.

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What our members are saying

We as professionals have been waiting for a better way to market our horses and the ProEquest Patch does just that.
Hope Glynn
Sonoma Valley Stables

Finally someone has figured out a way to show my horses are for sale to potential customers!
Meredith Herman
Burgundy Farms
ProEquest's full service membership takes one more chore off my plate. It is so convenient to just make a quick phone call, or send a text to ProEquest, and have all my horse listings up to date instantly.
Rachel & Jeff Fields
Sandhaven Farm