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Three Reasons Why You Should Partner With ProEquest:


Gauranteed to reach your target audience

ProEquest has the largest audience of equestrians around the globe. You know know your ad will be seen by the right people.


Robust social following

We take full advantage of social media for timely, powerful exposure of your brand.


Active, qualified members

Our visitors and members are active equestrians both online and off.

Since its debut in 2011, ProEquest has quickly become the top destination for professionals and amateurs alike who are seeking the best selection of quality sale horses, lease horses and a thriving equestrian community.

Take advantage of our multi-tiered approach to web advertising, and the added benefits of access to our strong social media presence and unique advertiser benefits.

By advertising on ProEquest we offer Facebook, Twitter and Instagram integration to enhance your message and also included is quarterly analytic performance reports.