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Previewing the Pfizer Million Grand Prix


Previewing the Pfizer Million Grand Prix

Sep. 10,2011

Take a peek at just a few of the fences on course in tomorrow's Pfizer Million, the only million dollar grand prix in the United States. Held at HITS Saugerties in upstate New York, the 2nd annual Million is the culmination of a year's worth of qualifying grand prixs held at HITS venues in five states. 

Course builders will be working late into the evening today as they complete the build-out of what is arguably one of the biggest grand prix classes in the United States. Riders from around the country

If you're not in the area to watch in person, be sure to bookmark the free livestream, beginning at 11:45amEST tomorrow morning with the $500,000 Diamond Mills Hunter Prix. The Million begins at 2:45pmEST. 



Fences are up to 1.70m in height on this Steve Stephens-designed course. 


The jump to the right of the blue oxer is a fence in the Hunter Prix Final, which will be held on its own track amongst the grand prix jumps tomorrow.


The ubiquitous bicycle vertical. 


Side view of a very wide oxer. 


Fence 10 rides toward the ingate. How big are these fences, really?


ProEquest Founder Allison Ekeroth graciously gives a point of reference. She stands 5'6" tall.


And the average human wingspan is as wide as a person's height. That makes Fence 10 nearly five and a half feet tall, and wide!


Order of Go, Pfizer Million Grand Prix, September 11, 2011



1 Ainsley Vince
2 Christine McCrea
3 Hugh Graham
4 Katie Dinan
5 Federico Sztyrle
6 Karen Polle
7 Geoffrey Case
8 Jill Henselwood
9 Jeanne Hobbs
10 Denise Wilson
11 Jimmy Torano
12 Amy Momrow
13 David Raposa
14 Jeffery Welles
15 John McConnell
16 Roberto Teran
17 Adam Cramer
18 Karen Cudmore
19 Charlie Jayne
20 Helen McNaught
21 Darragh Kenny
22 Daniel Bluman
23 Duncan McFarlane
24 Kate Gerhart
25 Aaron Vale
26 Marie Hecart
27 Jonathan McCrea
28 Saer Coulter
29 Matt Williams
30 Ali Wolff
31 Taylor McMurtry
32 Callan Solem
33 Mark Watring
34 Darragh Kerins
35 John Pearce
36 Kate Levy
37 Germaine Edelmann
38 David Tromp
39 Matthias Hollberg
40 Hector Florentino
41 Andre Thieme
42 Margie Engle
43 Todd Minikus
44 Tracy Fenney
45 McLain Ward
46 Lucy Davis