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Unicorn Jumper/Eventing Pony


Sugar Rush has taken my 6yo from the short stirrups to the 1M in just 2 years. She is the pony you want your kid on, super safe, super smart, but with all the scope in the world. They successfully evented and were 2nd in the Zone Championships their first year out, in 2018 she was Pony Jumper of the Year. We use her to gather cattle, trail bareback, foxhunt and win at the A shows. She is a lovely creature and we dont need to get rid of her, my daughter is just outgrowing her so casually looking to see if another home could be out there. She was imported as a 6yo from Switzerland with a record up to 1.10M. She wins the jumpers no problem but can also do walk trot beginners, she wants to be a little slower but will rev up if asked. Would prefer a lease over a sale. I have an abnormal number of videos so if interested please text/email.

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Elizabeth, CO 80107
United States

2'6" - 2'9"
0.75m - 1.00m
1.00m - 1.15m
Medium Ponies: 12.2-13.2
Beginner Novice: 2'7"
Welsh Sport Horse
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